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Design BBQ Advanced Control

1,337.00 AED
  • 6 BBQ programs with preset temperatures
  • Unfoldable for use as a large barbecue grill
  • Extra fast grilling with 2000 watt
  • Removable grill plates, dishwasher-safe

Design BBQ Pro

1,049.00 AED
  • Unfolds for use as a large barbecue grill
  • Lockable top plate for height adjustment
  • Grill area from 750 cm² to 1500 cm²

Design Mincer Plus

542.00 AED
    • Stainless steel cross-blade knife with 4 blades
    • 2 grinding discs - 4 mm and 8 mm, Grinding disc aperture 55 mm
    • On / Off button and reverse

Design Mincer Pro M

1,108.00 AED
  • Electronically regulated motor
  • Including 3 grinding discs (diameter 61 mm) with holes 3 mm, 4.8 mm and 8 mm
  • Kebbe attachment for oriental cuisine, sausage filling attachment
  • Including cookie attachment

Design Table Grill Plancha & BBQ

739.00 AED
Perfect BBQ enjoyment on two grill surfaces
  • 1300 cm² extra-large grilling surface
  • Two grilling surfaces, which can be regulated separately
  • 2000 Watt power

Grill and Mincer

More and more non-professional barbecue enthusiasts are discovering the benefits of the electrical contact grill when considering which one to buy for the new season. There is one significant advantage we would like to mention right now; removable and dishwasher-safe grill plates!

Another thing to consider when buying a contact grill; aside from the outdoor season, you like to carry on conveniently grilling in the kitchen. Sometimes a quick steak after work or during a free period, paninis like the ones you enjoyed on your recent holiday in Italy, we could go on with this for hours… You already know what we are getting at; a contact grill is practical and particularly versatile.


Anyone who wants their steak cooked to perfection like a barbecue expert should choose the Design BBQ Advanced Control. The six pre-installed grilling programmes and the integrated grill thermometer mean that steaks can be successfully cooked rare, medium or well done. Barbecue experts consider the barbecue thermometer to be an indispensable tool for checking that the meat is fully cooked without having to cut it.

Top division barbecuing – as well as a professional grill, non-professional enthusiasts also need first-class meat. With each purchase of a Design BBQ Advanced Control grill from GASTROBACK®, registered customers receive an indulgent meat package worth up to €60 free of charge.


… that’s what a well-known food blogger (who we will cover in a special piece below) said recently with a smart smile while serving up a steak to his own taste on the Design BBQ Pro. “With this grill, I manually adjust the grilling time to the strength of the meat. I use a grill thermometer if the meat needs to be precisely cooked to perfection.” This is why he is giving his father the Design BBQ Advanced Control as a gift; “the core temperature of his favourite entrecôte needs to be just right”, he says. So, a clear outcome from the point of view of this barbecue expert: both grills are AMAZING and make excellent barbecuing possible.


Well-made fried sausage tastes great! But this time, we are not buying it ready-made from the snack stand or butchers; today, we are making our own. It might sound complicated at first but it really isn’t. Making your own fried sausage is much easier than you think as it is very difficult to get it wrong. All you need to make fried sausages is fresh meat from the butcher, a sausage skin, for example natural intestine, and the most important thing: a good mincer. Our fried sausage recipe will show you how to get the deliciously spiced sausage meat into the sausage skin.